Quantum Leap Farm

A comprehensive equine therapy and retreat center, Quantum Leap Farm is a nonprofit organization providing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for kids and adults through therapeutic horseback riding and other rehabilitative or recreational programs.

This Pro-bono design will includes a new two story facility incorporating all services in one building. The first floor consists of conference area, open living and dining facilities, therapy area, kids’ area, general restrooms and continuous deck. The second floor includes administration and executive offices, guestrooms, lounge area and a continuous balcony. A matching height barn will be attached to the main building, with six horse stalls, support areas, and with visual access from the guestrooms second floor continuous balcony.

The exterior elevation design will provide a relaxing Florida experience, extended continuous decks, balconies, natural ventilation and illumination will contribute to the therapeutically process.